metatron discovery

by sk telecom

An end-to-end data discovery solution that supports quick and easy analysis for big data

metatron Discovery is a data analysis and visualization platform that empowers those with domain-specific knowledge to utilize massive amounts of data by themselves.
This helps your organization drive innovation in its operations, identify new opportunities, and establish strategies for long-term survival in today’s ever-changing business environment.
metatron Discovery was built as an enterprise big data platform to analyze over 500 TB’s of daily mobile network service data in SK Telecom, South Korea’s No.1 telecommunications provider.

metatron Discovery provides the following unique values :

    Visualize and analyze real big data. The distributed data processing engine of metatron Discovery enables searching, exploration, preparation, visualization and analysis of massive data(over 1 billion records) within a few seconds.
    Easy Self-analytics. With just a few hours of learning, process and analyze your data through metatron Discovery’s intuitive UI and derive valuable insights immediately. Also easily access advanced algorithms created by data scientists through APIs.
    Significantly improve data management capabilities. Through the powerful data lineage management, MDM(master data management) features, IT managers can efficiently manage data resources in the enterprise. Also by monitoring the usage of each table and tracing data flows, you can optimize your big data infrastructure resources.

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