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Hearing difficulties shouldn't limit your customers from connecting with you, on-site and remotely

Effortless Communication with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals

Evenly is a B2B2C inclusion-tech communication platform, that connects organizations with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, both on-site and remotely. Leveraging instant and scheduled video calls, automatic, real-time captioning and translation, and optionally sign language interpreters, Evenly aims to provide seamless communication for everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, it can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes.

Ideal for Various Sectors

Whether your business operates in public services, utilities, healthcare, retail, education, or any customer-facing industry, Evenly is the perfect solution. It’s also an excellent ESG initiative with social impact and facilitates compliance with the European Accessibility Act .

Key Features

  • Automatic, Real-time Captioning: One-to-one or one-to-many captioning.
  • Automatic, Real-time Translation: Each user selects their language of preference.
  • Sign Language Interpreters: Access to qualified interpreters.
  • Flexible Video Options: Two-way and three-way video calls.
  • Instant Calls: Immediate connection with interpreters.
  • Call Booking & Management: Easy booking and management workflow.
  • Document Sharing & Live Chat: Share crucial documents and communicate in real-time.
  • Video Call Recording: Secure storage of recordings.
  • Customer Surveys & Insights: Collect feedback and gain detailed usage reports.

Getting Started

Setting up Evenly is straightforward. Customize your account, add team members, and share your unique Evenly link across various channels.

Security and Accessibility

Evenly prioritizes security and privacy, using industry-standard protocols and complying with data protection regulations . A mobile app is not required, ensuring accessibility through web browsers on various devices.

Support and Pricing

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist with any queries. We offer a range of pricing plans tailored to your organization’s needs.

Getting Evenly for Your Organization

Contact us to schedule a demo and discuss how Evenly can be integrated into your operations.

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