SkyPoint Real-Time Customer Data Platform

SkyPoint Cloud, Inc.

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Helping Marketers Unify Data, Get Insights & Deliver Personalized Experiences to their Customers

Brands today compete on customer experience set by companies Amazon and Netflix, your customers expect their experience to be as seamless and personalized.

Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) data unification and AI-powered identity resolution for single 360-degree view of customers and connect it anywhere to improve marketing performance, optimize engagement, enhance analytics and discover insights that drive personalized experiences in real-time.

- Customer journey mapping and analytics, personalize every stage of your customer journey.

- Drive more conversions in real-time & acquire new customers

- Cross-sell and up-sell products & services

- Drive website and app user engagement

- Retain, renew customers and recover lost customers

We are the industry first CDP to natively support Common Data Model (CDM) and fully integrated to Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Flow and Power Apps). 

We also help our clients digital transformation efforts with Cloud and Data & AI consulting and managed services.