Smarter Tombola License

by Smarter Business Solutions GmbH

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Elevate Your Corporate Events with Smarter Tombola for SharePoint

NOTE: This page is for purchasing licenses of Smarter Tombola only. If you're new to Smarter Tombola, start with our free trial to discover how it brings excitement and engagement to your SharePoint and Teams environment.

Ready to License Smarter Tombola for SharePoint?

Bring excitement to your workplace with Smarter Tombola for SharePoint. This engaging raffle system is perfect for thanking employees and celebrating company milestones, all within your Microsoft 365 SharePoint intranet.


  • Employee Appreciation: Recognize and reward your staff with fun, interactive raffles that everyone can participate in.
  • Innovative Engagement: Increase intranet engagement with a creative solution that promotes your corporate culture.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Eliminate the need for paper tickets and support sustainability in your organization's events.


  • Free Version: Enjoy the basic functionalities of Smarter Tombola at no cost, perfect for getting started with virtual raffles.
  • Pro Version: Unlock advanced features including the ability to draw winners, plus a special feature that allows giving a free ticket to a colleague with a personalized message, enhancing engagement and gratitude within your team.


  • For Administrators:
  1. Select Your Version: Choose between the Free or Pro version based on your event needs.
  2. Purchase Through Microsoft: Complete your purchase process with your billing information here.
  3. Activate Your License: After purchase, you'll receive an email from Microsoft with instructions to activate your license. This will direct you to our licensing portal at, where you will have to log in with your Microsoft account to finalize the activation process. This step is a necessary part of Microsoft's purchasing process. Please note, due to zero trust security policies, some organizations may require administrative permissions to allow account logins across different tenants. It's essential to ensure these permissions are in place to avoid any inconvenience during the finalization of your purchase.
  4. Administrate Your License: Your license details and invoice will be accessible at under 'Licensing.'
  • For Non-Admin Users: Suggest Smarter Tombola to your administrator or IT department and bring an extra layer of joy to company events.


Try out Smarter Tombola for free and see how it livens up your corporate events. When you’re ready for more, the Pro version is just a step away, offering an enhanced raffle experience and additional ways to express gratitude.

Visit our product page for more information on Smarter Tombola and start planning your next exciting raffle today.

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