SmartViz Digital-Twin-In-A-Box

by SmartViz Limited

Digital Twin Kit with IoT Sensors and Smart Building Analytics to Save Space and Energy Costs

Digital Twin Kit with IoT Sensors and Smart Building Analytics to Save Space and Energy Costs

Do you want to save space and energy costs in your buildings, while also improving productivity and wellbeing?

SmartViz is a unique digital twin application that uses IoT sensors and AI to show you how your building and assets are used, and where space and energy is wasted.

Boost space utilisation. Release unused space. Enhance productivity. Save energy costs. Accelerate to Net Zero. Just like Vodafone, who optimized their property management, saving over $40m per year. And like Cardiff Metropolitan University, who saved over £5m with under £20k investment. Or several city councils who are using SmartViz to save costs, release capital, and drive their investment decisions.

And now, you can have a low-cost, ready-to-use version of this solution as a digital twin in a box!

This kit of pre-configured smart sensors with SmartViz digital twin immediately starts to stream data to tell you how your building is being used, together with actionable insights to save space and energy costs. Just peel and stick the sensors within the building, and plug the gateway.

The box comes with people counting, air quality, and CO sensors, together with a gateway device. All GDPR compliant, and all pre-configured to start streaming data and insights, with live trends, alerts and recommendations.

In addition, you get the SmartVizdigital twin application with intuitive visualization and out-of-the-box insights, powered by a unique AI predictive modelling engine:

SmartViz is a result of 20 years of experience in optimizing buildings including workplaces, universities, schools, museums, airports and more. It has saved Vodafone $40m per annum across its global portfolio of buildings. Cardiff Met University saved £6.2m through optimization of teaching spaces and timetabling. SmartViz is driving space and energy management for Barnsley Council and Midlothian Council, saving operational costs and improving energy efficiency. We have also partnered with the Scottish Government to boost the performance of a vast portfolio of schools across Scotland.

Beyond this kit we also offer custom packages of range of IoT sensors, advanced motion tracking, occupancy analytics, space optimisation, integrated workplace management and energy management. SmartViz can also help you integrate your property information with data from your existing sensors, BMS systems, desk booking systems, timetables, FM systems, and energy management systems into a single source of truth.

Forget scattered data and silos. With SmartViz, you can turn your data into outcomes - in terms of enhanced space utilization, energy efficiency and staff productivity.

Order a kit now and start boosting the performance of your buildings.

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