Scan Lite


SMB solution which gives you a complete, searchable, continuously updated inventory of IT assets.

Each year, companies need to list their entire inventory of purchased and used software and hardware.

Scan Lite makes it easy to gain a comprehensive overview of your hardware and software. Scan Lite is a comprehensive self-service network discovery and inventory service that, in just a few steps, can identify, inspect, and track all the computers, servers, printers, switches, routers, and other physical and virtual equipment in your network. It is available in the cloud or on-premise and uses state-of-the-art tech for scanning and auditing alongside some best-in-class features. It’s user-friendly and can be scaled to fit your unique requirements.

Scan Lite addresses the following pain-points:
  • Complex infrastructure makes it difficult to locate, identify and manage infrastructure.
  • Remote work has increased the spread of equipment and increased the vulnerability of IT infrastructure.
  • The ‘digital transformation’ movement represents a burden for SMBs, which, in some cases, do not have enough resources to manage all IT assets and services.
  • Low visibility and high complexity for managing cloud resources like Azure and AWS.
Scan Lite helps customers to:
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your hardware and software inventory
  • Facilitate troubleshooting for hardware and software issues by staying up to date on configurations
  • Maintain a secure environment by keeping track of all the software and applications in your organization
  • Audit and track IT assets easily, even for network infrastructures and distributed offices
  • Plan OS migrations, hardware, and software upgrades
  • Uncover potential risks and find opportunities to optimize
  • Improve IT planning and facilitate budgeting
  • Manage inventory changes proactively
  • Stay informed of important events
  • Streamline inventory reporting
  • Integrate inventory data with existing systems and processes
  • Build a strong and accurate foundation for CMDB and Asset registry
Scan Lite features:

  • Remote audits for networked and computers running Windows, Linux, macOS, ESXi
  • A choice between agentless or agent-based audit method, or a combination of both
  • Automated discovery and recognition of active network devices from all reputable manufacturers
  • A highly customizable inventory-scheduling system
  • An extendable data model which lets you gather additional audit data on network devices
  • An informative dashboard for quick access to essential data
  • The built-in tool for troubleshooting network connection issues
  • Smart alert subscriptions
  • A comprehensive catalog of all detected software and applications
  • Custom data collections for visual representation and analysis of your inventory from different perspectives
  • Powerful API for integration with third-party systems
  • Export of inventory data in JSON formats for integration and further analysis
  • A single web-based entry point across all features and services for greater usability and cost optimization
  • Independence from proprietary platforms
  • Available immediately as an SaaS solution in the AWS cloud, hosted and maintained by Alloy Software
  • Available in the cloud or on-premise
  • Independent from proprietary platforms
  • Expandable audit methods
  • Flexible, clear modern UI

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