Grow Uperion - Gamification Platform

by SoftwareHut Sp. z o.o.

Boost Team Motivation, Engagement, Learning & KPI delivery with HR Gamification Platform

Looking for a product that will motivate your teams to achieve more? Grow Uperion gets you covered. Gamifying your workers' daily tasks will maximize their productivity and effectively inspire them. They are bound to work with dedication and stay with the company for a long time.

GU platform is a combination of work and play, all in an effort to make employees happy and achieve the company's business goals! It is a gamification tool that streamlines an employee's integration into the organization. Then it nurtures a positive experience, incentivizes and engages them to perform their best.

How? With the use of proven game mechanics, motivational psychology, and innovative online solutions. This HR engagement tool encourages learning and inspires completion of daily tasks and KPIs.

What makes Grow Uperion so special?

We give you easy solutions to:

✅ Motivate employees to accomplish company objectives

✅ Combat burnout and dullness

✅ Integrate teams, including these working in a remote or hybrid model

✅ Boost efficiency and productivity among employees

✅ Support recruitment and onboarding

✅ Create a positive image of the employer

✅ Encourage employees to train and acquire knowledge

✅ Boost internal communicationin the company


We tailor game scenarios to the number of participants as well as your company's needs, challenges, and goals.


You can design games and configure their settings yourself thanks to the extensive administration panel.

Simplicity of usage

The platform has a light, friendly, and intuitive design.


Games require little time from employees while also providing satisfaction and motivation.

Healthy competition

Employees can track their progress and compare it to other results thanks to scoreboards.

The convenience of the SaaS model

Quick implementation, assistance in configuring and operating the software, and subscription payment based on the number of users are just a few of the benefits of the SaaS model!

Why Trust Us?

“The implementation of the Grow Uperion platform, accompanied by an appropriate, humorous message, motivated more than half of the traders to meet their quarterly targets in less than six weeks, even throughout the slow holiday season.”

- Mondelez International brand's references

Grow Uperion is made with innovation in mind. Our architecture, which is based on Azure components, enables us to switch solutions between single and numerous tenants. The highest standard of data protection is ensured when Microsoft Azure is used for secure data storage.

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