OneCore Calculation Engine

by Solitea, a.s.

Centralize all loans, leasing and fleet calculations through smart and flexible calculation engine.

Given the challenges facing financial institutions, we strongly believe that cloud solutions are rapidly becoming an essential part of the architecture, just as they have in many other industries. Our OneCore Calculation Engine allow your organization substitute different calculation engines with one central solution. This change support “one truth” vision where all calculations regardless ERP, CRM or custom purpose-built systems use same calculation mechanisms to calculate financial products as loans, leasing or fleet.

UNBEATEBLE CALCULATION PERFORMANCE The OneCore Calculation Engine built on Microsoft Azure makes leasing, loans, fleet and other financing product modelling simple. Regardless of size, financial institutions can now enjoy the cost effectiveness of cloud-based calculating engine without the need for extensive investment in staff training or consulting services.

BUILD ON THE BEST Our robust and powerful API is used some by the world leading organizations to customize our technology to suit their needs. OneCore Calculation Engine delivers ability to securely share and collaborate on multi-dimensional models not only from your core systems.

SPEED AND AGILITY Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and with our multi-dimensional calculation engine for unbeatable performance and scalability.

LOW COST SAAS Capitalizing on the new economics of the cloud, pay for what you consume, reduce costs and help increase revenues. To reduce IT overhead, we deploy our OneCore Calculation Engine to our trusted hosting provider Microsoft Azure.

SECURITY Transparent and replicable financing model execution in a controlled environment to support the increased needs of governance and auditability.

SEAMLES INTEGRATION AND FAST DEPLOYMENT You can integrate OneCore Calculation Engine directly with ERPs, CRMs, relational databases or even Microsoft Excel. The lag between model development and model deployment reduced to hours from weeks – this provides a more risk sensitive approach and leading to cost saving and make your solution errorless.

BUILT TO EVOLVE Building a capacity to support today’s business needs while being flexible to cope with tomorrow’s unknown demands including process massive amounts of data with increased security and controls.

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