Solutions2Share - Meeting Manager

by Solutions2Share GmbH

Create meetings with agendas (incl. tasks, documents, decisions…) & automatic minutes.

Meeting Manager is of particular interest for committee or board meetings where strategies and procedures are decided and it is important that these decisions are recorded in black and white. Meeting Manager provides the ability to document and log meeting data and information in a read-only format.

The perfect meeting management solution for SharePoint on-premises (SharePoint Server 2013 / 2016 / 2019)!

Create meetings by using the familiar Outlook environment, or directly in SharePoint. Choose between single or series meetings and make use of the different views in the mini calendar: upcoming meetings, single day, week or month.

Create agendas with up to three levels. Open and close the individual agenda points for a better overview. For each point of the agenda: Add documents, tasks with deadlines, or notes; record decisions; enter a planned duration.

Invite participants: Easily add internal participants with People Picker by entering their name. External participants can be invited by entering their email address. Meeting Manager offers the same help as Outlook, showing free/busy times etc.

Hold meetings at different security levels with different permission settings. Participants will be grateful to find all documents for the meeting in a single location. Meeting Manager allows parallel edits of different users at the same time (co-authoring).

Automatically send a protocol after adapting the minutes template to your Corporate Identity. Meeting Manager automatically generates the minutes of the meeting and sends them to all participants. Export options are available as well, for example as PDF.

Follow up on decisions that have been documented on each agenda point. No manual work is needed to process paper notes – all decisions made are available for all participants.

All features at a glance:

  • Create a meeting workspace within seconds – because it’s a self-service
  • A single place for all your meetings and related documents
  • Easy creation of a structured agenda with tasks, documents, notes and decisions
  • Integrates in Outlook: enjoy the familiar Outlook environment with all its features
  • Automatically generate minutes of the meeting afterwards
  • Document decisions so nothing will be missed ever again
  • Assign documents to agenda points via drag and drop
  • Make your meeting workspace unique – customize the layout
  • Invite internal and external users and set different permission levels
  • One-click installation using the SharePoint Store (App file)
  • Co-author functionality and automatic refresh of the page
  • Supports other SharePoint Apps, e.g. Solutions2Share Collaboration Manager

At a glance