by Spenda Business Services Pty Ltd

Automate the way you manage and pay invoices, enhance cash flow efficiency and grow faster

Accounts Receivable Automation

Streamline the invoice collections process and better manage invoices and payments owed to you. Use your invoices as collateral and quickly expand your working capital base. Get paid quicker by offering flexible payment options and early settlement discounts to your customers. With Spenda, both parties will benefit from a single source of data, reducing errors and ensuring payment accuracy.

  • Shorten your invoice-to-pay lifecycle, lower credit risk and improve cash flow management.
  • Maintain your competitive advantage by providing an easy-to-use e-invoicing and integrated payments platform.
  • Boost data integrity and benefit from quick financial integration and secure ledger-to-ledger connection between buyer and seller.
  • Accelerate team productivity and use real-time data to accurately predict future cash flows and better plan strategic initiatives.

Accounts Payable Management

Simplify the way you manage and pay your invoices, paying one or many invoices across multiple suppliers as a batch from one convenient dashboard. Benefit from extended payment arrangements, as well as split payments and the ability to pay via credit card even where card payments are not accepted.

  • Streamline your payment process with an intuitive dashboard the allows quick batch invoice uploads with an ABA file or integration into your financial system.
  • Benefit from a wide range of flexible payment options, and choose how and when you pay.
  • Lower the likelihood of human data-entry errors and remove duplicated payments.
  • Benefit from one single source of data truth and align and your cash inflows and outflows.

Connecting Spenda to your accounting system?

Linking Spenda with your accounting system (Xero, MYOB, QBO) means bookkeeping and financial reconciliation has never been easier. Spenda’s seamless integration ensures smooth transactions, a reduction in manual data entry and real-time updates.

  • Automated reconciliation & time/cost savings - Quick financial integration and secure ledger-to-ledger connection between buyer and seller reduces admin effort and the risk of keying in errors or omissions. This automation reduces the number of back office staff required and provides a cost saving for the business.
  • Get paid faster - Shorten your invoice-to-pay lifecycle, lower credit risk and improve cash flow management.
  • Single source of digital truth - Both buyer and seller work off the same information, the seller raises an invoice to the buyer which is received and processed in their Accounts Payable.
  • Security and transparency - Adhere to strict Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks laws and regulations. Ideally Two Step Authentication to make it extremely difficult for unauthorised people to access your account and helps keep your data safe.
  • Planning with more certainty - Automated Accounts Receivable / Payable software provide businesses (Sellers) certainty over receipt of payment from their customers (Buyers). Businesses are able to better forecast and manage their cash flow and working capital with more certainty.
  • Minimal disruption - Choose a solution with strong integrations so your business does not need to change their financial systems.

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