SpinOne (Spinbackup) for Office 365

Spin Technology Inc

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SpinOne provides a fully-featured, enterprise-ready Backup and Recovery solution for Office 365.

SpinOne (Spinbackup) provides a powerful and feature-rich enterprise-grade data protection solution for Office 365, by offering automated daily backups, diversity in data storage locations, restore in time capability, migration, reports, easy to use admin panel, advanced search for backed up items, and top-level encryption. Spinbackup can serve as the cornerstone of any ultimate Office 365 backup solution. Features of the SpinOne (Spinbackup) Office 365 Backup and Recovery solution include:
  • Automated Daily Backup to AWS or GCP
  • Multiple Cloud Storage Locations
  • 100% Accurate On Demand Restores
  • Version Control
  • Data Migration
  • Data Download
  • Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • User Management Panel for O365 Admins
  • Advanced Search
  • Top-Level Encryption
  • Automated Daily Office 365 Backup

    The backups provided by SpinOne (Spinbackup) are fully automated to keep your Office 365 data protected 24×7. This includes automated daily versioning and incremental backup to a secure cloud storage.

    Multiple Cloud Storage Locations

    SpinOne (Spinbackup) allows full protection of your Office 365 data outside of the Microsoft public cloud environment by backing up your sensitive data to secure cloud storage on AWS or GCP. Spin is an official partner of Google Cloud and an advanced technology partner of Amazon Web Services. You can choose to store Office 365 backed up data on either Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 storage, effectively separating Office 365 backup data from production data.


    SpinOne (Spinbackup) allows the restoration of Office 365 backups using the same hierarchy of folders as the original, with 100% accuracy. The intuitive restore process is extremely powerful and allows quick recovery of business-critical data.


    SpinOne (Spinbackup) provides the ability to migrate user data between protected accounts. This provides the benefit of keeping the Office 365 subscription user count limited to active employees, and eliminates the need to maintain user accounts simply for the data contained.


    You can enable weekly & monthly reports that will provide you updates on your protected data in the Office 365 environment. This helps easily identify problems or data that may not be protected.

    Admin Panel

    SpinOne’s admin panel is extremely intuitive and allows administrators to manage users, seats and centralized backup options.


    Within the SpinOne (Spinbackup) interface, administrators have a fast and easy way to search for backed up items, allowing the quick finding of data for recovery.

    Top-Level Encryption

    Backups of Office 365 SaaS data are encrypted using the highest level of encryption methods for transferring in-transit and storing at-rest data. SpinOne (Spinbackup) meets the latest compliance regulations, including SOC2 and GDPR.