by Spotinst

Reduce your Azure VM costs by 80%

Spotinst helps customers save ~84% on Azure VM costs by providing an SLA guaranteeing 100% availability, consistency, and data integrity on Low-priority VMs for all workloads without a single point of failure. Leveraging Low-priority VMs is a great way to save on compute costs but comes with the risk of downtime. Spotinst eliminates these risks completely. Spotinst's prediction algorithms predict Low-priority VM interruptions before they happen, triggering a smart migration system to a new Low-priority VM before the interruption happens. This migration occurs over time behind a proprietary load balancer to ensure that your workloads always maintain 100% availability, consistency, and date integrity. Amongst popular use cases are: K8S workloads, Auto Scaling, Stateful applications, data processing, batch jobs, and dev environments

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