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The Sprinklr Business Index


Sprinklr Business Index tracks and benchmarks how global brands are performing on social media.

What is Sprinklr Business Index?

Powered by the world’s most comprehensive source of social media brand information, the Sprinklr Business Index (SBI) tracks and benchmarks how large global brands are performing on social media against their competitors.

At a time when a brand’s social media presence reflects its relationships with its customers, the SBI provides insight into how brands are managing digital disruption and which ones are providing the most value for their customers through social.

We do this by capturing and analyzing the breadth of public interactions between brands and consumers across social media channels and industries.

We rank brands according to three key attributes: their audience size, rate of engagement, and the level of customer care they provide. The SBI is able to rank brands according to each of the following categories, which can also be compiled into an overall score based on these attributes and other data sets.

Company Measurements

Audience Insights: See how many people are engaging with a company’s posts, and understand the makeup of the audience itself. This includes the basics- like gender and age ratios- and goes deeper with unique insights such as reach rate, which accounts for how many people a brand can realistically engage with.

Content Insights: See how many consumers are responding to brand content–whether over the course of a day or a longer period. These measurements include a comparison of how many likes and comments are driven by posts, photos, and videos relative to one another.

Care Insights: With consumers flocking to social media for assistance from brands, the SBI provides valuable insight into how well companies handle customer care via social. The SBI measures how quickly brands respond to customer inquiries, and displays an overall response rate that adjusts for how many followers a company has.