Binokula Instant - External Report Sharing for Microsoft Power BI

by Stellar Consulting Group

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Share your insights with the world. Binokula - simple, secure and scalable report sharing.

Struggling with Sharing Power BI reports and dashboards externally?

Empower your business partners, customers and even the community at large with clear insight so they can make better decisions anytime, anywhere. Share simply, securely and at scale to your ecosystem of contacts: franchisees, sub-contractors, clients, agencies, vendor partners, project groups, mergers and acquisitions, and endless other contacts outside of your company entity.

Binokula Instant is a Web Portal designed to help small to medium organisations to share Power BI reports and dashboards with non-Power BI users.

Maintain and extend your organisation's presence:

  • Customise Binokula colours and login pages to your organization's visual standards.
  • Add your business name and logo to Binokula screens to maintain your organisation’s presence.
  • Use the Binokula API to share Power BI reports inside your own web portal application. Enables you to use Binokula as a back-end for seamless user authentication and report access management.

Simple for your Administration:

  • Flexible user and report management. Manage user and report groups, create multiple assignment types (One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many) and structures for assignment of reports to users.
  • Use Row-Level-Security (RLS) to enable different users to view the same report but only view their data.
  • Control who in the business partner organisation can send report links to associates or other parties, and export to PDF and PPT formats. Track what reports are accessed and by who.
  • A single, simple interface that enables administration to be performed by a business unit. Quickly add users and change permissions without having to make changes in Azure Active Directory (No IT people or skills required).

Simple for users:

  • Have the latest up-to-date interactive reports at their fingertips.
  • View only the information they need. Row-level security automatically limits the data available.
  • Be able to email a report’s link to a trusted associate so they can view exactly the same interactive report.
  • Apply saved filters, export to PDF and PPT formats or take snapshots to facilitate presenting the information to other audiences.
  • Display Power BI reports natively on MacOS and iOS.

Manage your report-sharing costs:

  • Scale up only when you need by upgrading your plan at any time.
  • Power BI Embedded capacity cost optimisation solutions are included.

Do you need to publish more than 6 reports or provide access to more than 500 users?

Please refer to BINOKULA ENTERPRISE at or contact us.

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