Stimulus Relationship Intelligence Platform (SRIP)

by Stimulus, Inc.

We empower companies to make data-driven purchasing decisions across the supply chain.

Streamline Supplier Search, Evaluation, Selection, and Management with one platform. 

Stimulus Relationship Intelligence platform (SRIP) uses data & analytics to help companies make better purchasing decisions. Our platform provides rich, relevant insights and real-time data analysis, enabling users to find vendors at the right time. We leverage API's from internal and external data sources including CRM's, vendor systems, social networks, news alerts, and more to provide visibility, relationship-mapping, enhance decision-making, and promote internal communication of supplier utilization. 

This allows teams to avoid risks and save costs by identifying business opportunities and disruptions across the supply chain.

Our goal is to help companies build more valuable vendor and supplier relationships. SRIP is for any business that utilizes vendors for business growth. For SMEs without a standardized purchasing process - Stimulus is your standalone solution. For Enterprises with multiple manual processes and systems - Stimulus fits in as part of your larger integrated supply chain ecosystem to streamline Supplier Search, Evaluation, Selection, and Management.

Our Value: 

Provide Cost Savings: Stimulus will allow buyers to compare and measure suppliers with our proprietary scoring method with real-time data to find the right vendors at the right time.

Improve Operational Efficiency: Stimulus leverages API’s from internal and external data sources to provide visibility in one dashboard – digitizing the process of vendor search, evaluation, selection and management. 

Simplify Cross-Company Collaboration: Stimulus will allow teams to collaborate on projects to understand how suppliers are being utilized and the spending with each.

Enhance Data-Driven Purchasing: Many struggle with what to do with data – Stimulus offers a high-level analysis on current or potential vendors including analytics reports. 

Expand Supplier Networks: Often the right vendor is missed because of a lack of follow-up, biases, etc. Stimulus provides the ability to have a full view of all available suppliers (out-of-network, diverse, etc.), and the ability to favorite profiles to track/consider for future opportunities.

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