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Ainstein is a Copilot. Ainstein analytics create unprecedented clarity and insight.

Ainstein is the Leader in Cloud-Native Risk Analytics

Together with Microsoft – Ainstein’s AI Provides Unexpected Insights Into Risk-Adjusted Opportunity

  • Cubes, Dashboards and Visualizations lead to instant - and superior - insights and risk management.

  • Ainstein is an institutional level, Azure-based artificial intelligence system that instantly visualizes actionable insights into comprehensive global securities research, analysis and risk prediction.
  • Your Ainstein learns to surface the hidden patterns that matter to you.
  • Ainstein helps organizations make intelligent business decisions and better manage risk through its advanced, proprietary technologies, including DARPA recognized 3rd Wave Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ainstein learns and adapts in real time to data flows and market dynamics. Your Ainstein can be customized to meet – or model – specific duration or strategy needs.

Ainstein tracks at every level - Portfolio / Company / Fund / Industry / Sector / Region / Market / Exchange.

  • Applied to segregated portfolios, Your Ainstein drills into diversified holdings including stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and financial markets to highlight unseen portfolio exposures and risks while offering turnable de-risking and optimization recommendations.
  • Ainstein’s cloud-native platform rapidly ingests, transforms, and contextualizes large, complex and disparate data sources in order to help organizations better quantify, model and predict risk in areas including capital markets, portfolio analytics, governance and insurance.
  • Ainstein’s core analytics platform combines inside-out with outside-in views on risk alongside powerful streaming analytic detections and continuous monitoring across diverse data sources.

With the benefit of Ainstein’s AI assist, see superior choices / options - always in context - including the underlying reasoning and detail supporting recommendations.

Customer Outcomes:

    Finance - Bank and Brokerage – Ainstein VR Cubes and AI-Enabled Portfolio tool kit elevate and simplify work with next-gen market tracking and Risk awareness.

    Governance - Boards of Directors – AI-Enabled Governance via Ainstein Dashboards and Peer Benchmarking offers Proactive Risk Management and Controls.

Ainstein supports Systematic decision making at scale.

By creating Systematic diagnostics and automating dynamic pattern recognition, Ainstein empowers and provides balance with unprecedented comprehension and instant at-a-glance insights.

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