Digital Workplace Safety

by Stone Three

Intelligent workplace safety risk identification

Classical safety measures are reaching a plateau in effectiveness: changes have minor impact with diminishing returns instead of providing big leaps forward. There are substantial opportunities to improve safety by mining the vast data sources already available on plants.​ However, data is so abundant that it is overwhelming: In a typical example, after 22 minutes of continuous monitoring, a security operator can overlook 95% of video activity.

The Digital Workplace Safety solution uses AI to automatically identify safety issues in CCTV footage and generate appropriate notifications in real-time. The solution can integrate into your existing CCTV infrastructure, control room and SOPs. This added safety awareness provides more coverage, faster response times, and a better ROI on your existing CCTV infrastructure.​
Value proposition: ​Video feeds and other data are mined for actionable insights that make meaningful improvements to safety. This process is supported by a domain-specific specialist with industry experience who works collaboratively with the client to interpret the results, provide recommendations and implement improvements. 
Business Audience: Enterprise & Corporate
Target Industry: Heavy Industries ​ (Oil, mining, shipbuilding, steel, chemicals, machinery manufacturing and similar industries)

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