Straterio Analytics

by Straterio AS

Straterio provides 4D analysis for risks & potentials and strategic mapping for Corporate Governance

This application is available in english and norwegian (some screenshots are non-english)

Unlocking new market opportunities

Integrated Risk Management - 4D assessments

Straterio provides an analytics app to model risk, potential, compliance, growth, etc. The solution features strategic mapping to support Corporate Governance incl. strategy processes. We unlock new market opportunities utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform.

Seeking the best path to help companies better manage risks and potentials using predictive analysis, Straterio looked to Microsoft Business Applications. With PowerApps and the Common Data Model, the small, nimble organization can quickly build an app that has established Straterio as a go-to software vendor for Corporate Governance. The Straterio app models all kinds of scenarios, from disasters to new regulations from tightening compliance regimes. Straterio is helping retail cooperatives, banks, and manufacturers internationally to boost “Future Awareness” within their corporate governance structures and strategic mapping.

Utilizing the Power Platform

As significant numbers of customers migrate to Dynamics365 and Office365, Straterio decided to develop the app in the Microsoft Business Applications technology stack. This increased the pool of potential customers, but it also alleviated customers’ concerns about storing data in a third-party apps, since data is stored in their existing Office tenants.

Straterio has grown its partnership with Microsoft from the regional office in Norway to headquarters in the U.S. Straterio has worked closely with the Microsoft Business Applications team to help refine PowerApps, providing input on how the platform could best support developers. Straterio plans to take advantage of Microsoft co-sell opportunities, with the aim to attract larger companies in new markets like EU and SEA. Straterio is also collaborating with Microsoft R&D expertise to enhance the solution with Machine Learning/AI and Power BI to provide precise future assessments and prediction.

Future Awareness

Straterio helps companies navigate the future – Future Awareness, combining human capital data from Straterio and business data from Microsoft – enabling new insight for customers – utilizing the Power Platform. Straterio provides a new approach to Integrated Risk Management (ref. Gartner) solving business demands in a globally growing market. The solution proposal can easily be applied to other areas within business analysis, Potentials, Growth, Emergency Preparedness, HR, Market etc.

We deliver a holistic model/solution for risk and business analysis, to assess/analyze/predict the future as an extension to Office365 and Dynamics365 solutions utilizing the Power Platform - Microsoft BI/Machine Learning/AI. Our solution will solve core challenges within compliance and sustainable business.

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