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Be more productive working with data in Excel. Compare and track data, resolve differences, and more

This SaaS solution contains a collection of Add-Ins that enhance user productivity when working with data in Excel. The first add-in in the collection is the popular Compare and Merge for Excel Add-in which helps all types of users save hours of time reviewing and maintaining data, monitoring changes in data, and resolving discrepancies or inconsistencies.

Compare and Merge for Benefits
  • Manually finding changes in data can take hours or even days. Compare and Merge can do this for you within minutes so you can focus on more productive tasks.
  • Automatically find the data ranges to compare.
  • Compare large ranges within seconds (ex. 20,000+ cells in a few seconds).
  • Analyze and review the differences -- highlighted and formatted for you with various options that you control.
  • Easily resolve/fix the differences into a merged result with the help of Compare and Merge in the Excel Task Pane.

SaaS Purchase and Add-In Licensing Process
Data Plus for Excel provides subscription plans to the containing add-ins that, once purchased, allow licenses to be assigned to users in Microsoft 365 Admin Center. When a user starts the add-in, the add-in checks for a valid license (including a 30 day trial). With a valid license, the user enters and starts using the add-in. For details on the process see the link below "How To - Purchase SaaS App and Assign Add-in Licenses".

Subscription Plans
Per-user subscriptions are available with a monthly plan and a discounted annual plan. All plans have a free 30-day trial so you can try the add-ins for free.

NOTE: Data Plus for Excel is starting with Compare and Merge for Excel but additional add-ins are planned with additional pricing plans and subscriptions.

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