summetix Standard - SaaS

by summetix GmbH

summetix SaaS Platform Standard Subscription

summetix: Unify Feedback, Drive Action

Struggling with scattered customer feedback? summetix brings all channels together, transforming noise into actionable insights.

  1. Strategy

  • Market Share Growth: Measure the increase in market share following strategic adjustments based on insights from the tool. For example, % market share increase after pivoting towards an emerging trend identified through social listening and user behavioral trends.

  • Entry Time Reduction: Quantify the reduction in time to enter new markets or launch products by leveraging real-time insights to make faster decisions. For instance, a % reduction of the concept-to-store cycle for a new line by quickly identifying and responding to emerging trends.

  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking

  1. Marketing

  • ROI improvement for marketing campaigns: Uplift in marketing campaign return on investment (ROI) by comparing campaigns informed by targeted insights against previous efforts. E.g. conversion rate (before vs after) * volume exposure

  • Growth in target customer segment:

  • Awareness metrics: mentions, searches

  • Engagement metrics: likes, shares, comments

  1. Product Development

  • Reduction in product development cycle: time and manpower saved in the product development cycle due to better understanding of consumer needs and faster validation of product concepts.

  • Increase in success rate of product launch: compare adoption and sales rate of new products/ features before and after

  1. Customer Service

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction score: Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score) before and after implementing proactive support and personalized experiences based on the tool's insights

  • Reduction in response time: Track the decrease in average response time to customer inquiries or complaints.

  • Internal operation efficiency

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