SUNSPOTS Governance Mapping & Security Management

by Ltd

Governance & Security Multi-Cloud info-graphics Mapping & Management AI Platform is a Multi-Cloud AI-powered SaaS Platform for real time Info-graphics, Mapping & Management of your Governance & Security.

We provide our customers with the ability to automatically scan their cloud workloads and convert the entire data into visual, live visual graphic maps. This is done by Crowd-sourcing, with the assistance of the users in the organisation.

We create a full, deep data relationship with clear and easy-to-understand maps to help you explore and monitor your cloud environments.

On top of the map view, we are adding 16 technical layers of security, governance, monitoring, alerting, rolls, dependencies and budget control, that provide you with the best real-time easy-to-use powerful management tool.

We align with multi-agency compliance regulations and enables you to see alerts and act fast. With SUNSPOTS you can work productively in the cloud and keep all areas of your business on track:

  • Visual Graphic Maps - Auto Scan your multi-cloud and convert it into a visual graphic map.
  • Crowd-source Automatic Scan your entire multi-cloud for full blueprint.
  • Mapping & Monitor Permissions, Dependencies, Rolls and RBAC.
  • Governance & Security Policies Create, Monitor & Deploy using simply maps.
  • Auto shutdown, Budget constraints, New Services & Resources approval from a single visual mapping platform.
  • Take Real Action on everything from simple alerts to user activity suspension.
  • Monitor real-time Regulation compliance and suggest ways to be fully compliant.
  • White-label Platform for cloud Service Providers (MSP/CSP) to provide their customers with a holistic cloud management experience.
  • 3rd generation Cost & Budget multi-cloud ability to link individual budget group items to a visual map.

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