SurePact Project & Portfolio Risk Management SaaS


SurePact is a risk identification solution for government/corporate portfolio & program management.

SurePact is a portfolio management platform with a predictive risk approach for the delivery of project, contract and grant lifecycles, that drives efficient collaboration across the entire supply chain to automate and standardise processes to reduce time, cost and scope blowouts.

SurePact allows project and contract managers to identify, mitigate and manage risks of deliveries before the tender stage through to closeout. The solution allows all parties to be informed of challenges putting an end to delivery surprises and setting organisations up for success and reducing time, cost and scope blowouts in project, contract and grant delivery.
SurePact’s cloud-based solution is the hub for business efficiencies related to your project, contract and grant delivery workflows and lifecycle through to asset realisation. The software provides enterprise-wide insights that help your business maximise value and minimise risk.

The solution brings together configurable workflows for deliveries and integration capability with enterprise systems. Layer then with pre-built analytics to track performance metrics, helping track governance and compliance, measure actual spend against budget, calculate funding and procurement savings and know exactly where your organisation is in the delivery lifecycle.

Maximum value for our clients is that the SurePact solution automatically transfers all closed out contracts into the Asset Register to move deliveries through to the next lifecycle stage and full visibility for the organisation.

The value with this information in real-time means your organisation can reduce risk by avoiding scope, time and cost blowouts and improve overall business processes and performance by identifying areas for future improvement. Most importantly, with SurePact your data is secure. Our platform is built on infrastructure that complies with the highest security standards to ensure secure transit and storage of your information.

SurePact is now used and trusted by both government and corporate organisations for mitigating contract and project risks on a day-to-day basis.

SurePact clients report:
• ~34% Bottom line improvement
• 100% Document Compliance
• 100% Closeout Reporting Compliance
• 30% Time Efficiency Savings
• 25% Variation Reduction
• 80% Compliance Improvement
• Stronger transparency & auditability
• Addressing bottlenecks in approval processes
• Tracking underperforming suppliers

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