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Build your appreciation giving culture and strengthen your company values through kudos and feedback

👉 Are you experiencing high resignation because people do not feel appreciated?
👉 Do you want to make it easy to show appreciation?
👉 Do you want to take it to the next level and build a culture of appreciation with your teams?
👉 Do you have company values but your employees do not know them?

Kudozza is a Microsoft Teams app which makes giving kudos a breeze. People can easily show appreciation towards each other and take the team culture to a new level!

While this sounds great in theory, establishing a kudos rich culture within an organization is not a simple task.
The habit of giving positive feedback does not always come naturally. To help with this, Kudozza puts a strong focus on motivating and encouraging the giving of kudos with gamification and leaderboards.

Key Benefits

  • Appreciation is expressed. Kudos are the perfect vehicle for positive micro feedback.
  • Relationships are strengthened. Every kudos adds to the relationship between sender and receiver. Even better, with emojis the other team members can jump in as well and celebrate together.
  • Employees are engaged. Kudos are so powerful, but they need to be given. Kudozza helps you with rich information boards and challenges.
  • Work gets visible. So much good work is happening but nobody is talking about. Kudos provide the reason to share and celebrate the good stuff in your teams.
  • Company values come to life. A kudos can be related to one of your company values which brings them from paper into real life.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. No need to leave it for another website, no further login needed.
  • Emoji reactions. Upload custom emojis and icons to celebrate kudos together with the other team members.
  • Gamification with badges&challenges. Users can collect badges for giving kudos or enter self-challenges which helps getting into the habit of giving kudos.
  • Kudos Digest. While kudos can be given in all public channels, the Kudos Digest collects them back again into one place. Never miss a kudos!
  • Highlighting of company values. Company values can be represented as hashtags/categories and visually highlighted with custom images.
  • Configurable privacy settings. You control how much information about users are shared with their teams.

About us
We consult clients on the culture and processes of their development teams.
Out of this work, Kudozza arised as we wanted to give the kudos concept our own spin to unfold its full potential in supporting the team’s culture.
Kudozza is used worldwide in 800 large and small companies.

Do you want to join as well?

Are you read to improve your culture? Choose the white “Get it now” button below the Teams logo in the box above.
This will lead to the Microsoft Teams Appstore to install Kudozza into your Teams instance. Please also read through the installation guidelines.

If you have already installed Kudozza and want to upgrade to a paid plan, use the uppermost blue “Get it now” button and choose your desired plan.

Kudozza only requires ONE subscription for your entire organization. If an active subscription exists, additional purchases will not be completed (to protect you from paying double).
You can check in Kudozzas Admin->Plan section if someone in your company has already bought a subscription.

Still questions? Head over to the Details+Support tab and contact us.

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