Swisscom Mobile Telephony for Microsoft Teams

by Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

The seamless and enterprise-compliant way to enable the users' mobile phone with MS Teams.

MS Teams Telephony Mobile is the simple, seamless and enterprise-compliant way to enable the users' mobile accessibility with MS Teams. It is a mobile, network and device independent MS Teams experience.

  • Make and receive calls via the native phone function (VoLTE) of their smartphone or via any of their team devices (e.g. laptop) with their own mobile number.
  • Switch between devices and teams device during a call without interrupting the call.
  • Apply enterprise-level call policies and compliance to staff mobile calls via teams and the smartphone's native phone feature.
  • Adding mobile numbers as part of the company's call queues and telephone system
  • Display the mobile number or the number provided by the company as caller ID for outgoing calls.
  • Combined call list in teams (independent of teams device or mobile device)
  • Presence integration: When they have a conversation via the native dialer, the status in teams is changed to "In a conversation"
MS Teams Telephony Mobile is based on Swisscom Enterprise Mobile and is an option on the Mobile offering for B2B customers. This offer is available now exclusively in Switzerland for enterprise customers with a NATEL®go subscriptions

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