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Each event requires great preparation… using the right tools.

Planning and organizing an event requires great coordination of multiple teams. ​sword venue offers a simple way to work on digital maps, navigate within 360° photos and share specifications regarding your venue. In the preparation of an event, venues are complex and constantly changing environments. organizers need to plan and adapt. sword venue can help them to anticipate such challenges. Each event requires great preparation, with strong project management and organisational skills… using the right tools.​ To meet this need, we have developed a dedicated platform for event organisation: Sword Venue. Sword Venue: A solution that adapts to your needs 1. Virtual Visits Visit venues from your offices with a 360° Google Street View navigation and personalize the experience for each stakeholder.​ NAVIGATION Virtual visit of the entire venue: navigate within maps with 360° pictures (panoramas). ENRICHED CONTENT Customize the panoramas for your event and place sponsors’ logos and brands. SECURITY Define areas and paths that are only accessible to specific user profiles ​ (accredited staff, VIP, media…). 2. Digital Plan From high-level simplified plans to technical maps: a single source-of-truth for your cartography. Enrich your venue as you plan it to be. IDENTIFY EACH ROOM Rooms and spaces are identified through keys according to your standards (Media, security, VIP, etc.).​ ANNOTATIONS Specify information directly on the maps with text, picture or links – and generate basic workflows. PUBLIC/PRIVATE AREAS Access private areas (within the venue) as well as public sites (Google Maps). Your team can therefore operate the venue and its surroundings (hotels, accreditation centers, transportation, etc.). 3. Collaborative tools Simplify the way teams and partners collaborate in the preparation of a venue, with dedicated access for each of them. LAYERS/DRAWINGS Select special areas and create section for each part of your event. MEASUREMENTS Access to a detailed maps with measurement tools and places dimensions. ​PRINT​ Print and convert your maps into different formats with layers. USERS RIGHTS Different permission levels from Viewers to Administrators in order to keep your event planning secure. Sword Venue: Our know-how Digitization & integration of Maps​ We digitalize original architecture maps then integrate them into Sword Venue in requested format​. Capture & integration of 360° pictures (panoramas)​ Dedicated teams move on site to take 360° photos. ​ Professional services​ Sword teams are available to provide support with customized IS integration and training. Licence Sword Venue is available through licenses.
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