SysKit Trace

by SysKit

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A Centralized Solution for Microsoft 365 Settings Documentation and Tracking.

SysKit Trace is a centralized solution for documenting Microsoft 365 settings and tracking settings changes. It is a desktop application for Microsoft 365 admins that uses Global Admin credentials to connect to a tenant. Trace stores your data within your environment, so the access to it is completely under your authority.

SysKit Trace scans an environment on a defined schedule and generates documentation of Microsoft 365 configuration settings for Azure Active Directory (AAD), SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Groups. You can export a configuration document into a Word, Excel, or PDF file for future use.

SysKit Trace creates a snapshot of Microsoft 365 settings at a certain point in time. Admins can use snapshots to track configuration changes or mark correctly configured settings as a baseline for future configurations. CIOs or CISOs can use a document with the tenant configuration to serve as a proof of correctly configured settings when complying with regulations such as ISO.

Admins can use SysKit Trace's settings comparison to validate settings between different tenants such as DEV and Production or tenants before and after a Microsoft 365 migration. They can set up alerting whenever Trace detects differences between tenants and avoid any chance of a misconfiguration.

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