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Tackle SaaS Platform for Azure Marketplace, Inc.

Tackle eliminates the friction of listing your product on the Azure Marketplace

Whether you're a software startup or an enterprise provider, Tackle Upstream eliminates the friction of listing your product on the Azure Marketplace. Downstream enhances and optimizes your backend business operations with unified reporting, enhanced customer information and connections to popular 3rd party systems.

Tackle's SaaS Platform is made up of the following components:

Upstream manages all of the listing and API communication with Azure, consolidating communications so that you get a simplified notification when an action (purchase, upgrade, modification, refund, cancellation, etc.) occurs. Upstream is aligned with the listing Jumpstart, where Tackle white gloves you through the process and gets you listed in as little as two weeks.

Downstream leverages Azure's API service for Marketplace to retrieve and join all of this data together for you. Putting that information alongside the enhanced customer data captured with Upstream, we provide your back office teams with a unified view of all your transactions, dollars distributed, taxes and MP fees for easy reporting and reconciling. With Tackle's 3rd party plug-ins, Downstream can be extended to integrate Marketplace data with Slack and Salesforce, or customized to meet your specific needs.

Tackle's Guide Service gives you direct access to our team of Marketplace experts, for help with pricing, private offers, marketing and selling strategies with Azure.