Collaborate visually to solve hard problems, enhance remote work, and accelerate innovation.

MURAL is the leading digital workspace for visual collaboration in the enterprise. Consultants, product teams, designers, program managers, and executives depend on MURAL to understand and solve problems, build consensus, and accelerate innovation using visual methods.

More than an online whiteboard, MURAL enables innovation at scale by providing a platform for everything from product strategy and planning to leading immersive workshops using agile and design thinking methodologies. Industry-leading teams at companies including IBM, IDEO, Autodesk, Intuit, GitHub, and Atlassian use MURAL to work together — at any time and from anywhere. More than 50% of the Fortune 100 rely on MURAL for more productive meetings, collaborative remote work, engaging workshops, and digital transformation.

With MURAL, teams collaborate visually through a shared, digital space for imagination where visual tools such as sticky notes, drawings, images, and diagrams can be used to understand problems and explore opportunities. Every team member can now have a voice, which makes planning, retrospectives, design sprints, brainstorming sessions, client collaboration, and even weekly meetings and one-on-ones richer experiences with a better output for everyone involved.

MURAL is also available as a Windows App and supports use on the Surface Hub.

An integration with Microsoft Teams adds a new dimension to video calls. Facilitate better meetings and workshops through visual collaboration.

Integrations with Excel, Word, and OneDrive make it easy to add content to a shared visual space.

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