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Talview Online Assessments Platform


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Take your assessments to next level through Talview's Online Assessments

Highly adaptive and modular

Talview's Online Assessment Platform is a multi-faceted tool that supports various test formats viz. aptitude test, and skill tests. It is highly configurable and supports multi-section workflow to filter candidates between multiple sections of the assessment.

100% Automated Cognitive Remote Proctoring

Talview's best-in-class remote proctoring is available to be used for the platform. It does more than 18 advanced checks including face detection, background voice activity monitoring, browser policing etc and provides an Integrity Score for each candidate who completes the assessment.

Multi-device Support

The platform works across devices including the video proctoring capability and also have native apps for Android & iOS devices.

Reporting & Analytics

The platform has provision for comprehensive candidate reporting functionality along with integrity scores from proctoring. It also supports customizable MIS reports gauging the performance of the assessments, teams, and categories.