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Teamgage Pty Ltd

Culture improvement software for organizations

Teamgage is culture improvement software that regularly engages employees to own and drive the improvement process.

Employees provide feedback on metrics important to the organization, generating real-time results that allow the ELT, leaders and teams to discuss and record actions leading to improvements.

Value proposition
Teamgage provides the following value:

  • Real-time, ongoing, workplace insights down to team level
  • Drives change and embeds your values with employees
  • Gives employees a voice, particularly those in remote locations
  • Aids engagement and retention
  • Identifies teams working well/not so well, encouraging best practice

Business audience
Teamgage is designed to benefit all teams and employees at every level, but can be rolled out per division.

Target industry
Teamgage operates in all sectors and industries where people and culture improvement is a focus. Teamgage is currently used by Fortune 500 and ASX 100 companies, and within State and Federal Government agencies.

Integration with Microsoft platform
Teamgage offers integration with Microsoft products as follows:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory
  • PowerBI
  • AzureAD user sync
Teamgage is a fully managed Software as a Service solution running within Microsoft Azure.

Supported languages: English.