Evaluate/Examine Discounts on Azure Subscription for 12 Months moving from GCP (Google Cloud)


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The GCP to Azure assessment conducted through Cloud Atlas offered a comprehensive analysis of the transition from Google Cloud (GCP) to Microsoft Azure. This assessment primarily focused on two crucial aspects: cost implications and compatibility evaluation.

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Cost Analysis:
The assessment began by meticulously evaluating the cost implications of migrating from GCP to Azure. It involved a thorough examination of various cost factors, including but not limited to:

Infrastructure Expenses: Analysis of infrastructure costs on both GCP and Azure platforms, ensuring a precise comparison of pricing models, instance types, and storage solutions.
Operational Costs: Calculation of ongoing operational expenses, such as data transfer, networking, and additional services, enabling a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison.
Resource Optimization: Identification of opportunities for resource optimization and cost-saving strategies specific to Azure's pricing structure.
The TCO analysis provided a detailed breakdown of expenses, aiding in strategic decision-making and highlighting potential areas for cost reduction during and post-migration.

Compatibility Evaluation:

The assessment delved into the compatibility of existing GCP resources with Azure infrastructure, emphasizing:

VM-to-VM Sizing: Detailed analysis of Virtual Machine (VM) configurations and performance metrics on GCP, followed by recommendations for Azure VM sizing to ensure optimal performance and resource utilization.
Application Compatibility: Evaluation of application dependencies, database systems, and other workloads to ensure seamless migration and functionality on the Azure platform.
Performance and Scalability: Assessment of performance benchmarks and scalability considerations to guarantee a smooth transition without compromising performance or scalability.
Cloud Atlas provided actionable insights into the compatibility aspects, enabling a structured migration plan and mitigating potential compatibility challenges.

The AWS to Azure assessment conducted via Cloud Atlas offered a comprehensive understanding of cost implications, compatibility issues, and migration strategies. It provided a roadmap for a successful migration, optimizing costs while ensuring a seamless transition of workloads and applications from AWS to Azure.

The insights obtained from this assessment serve as a strategic guide for businesses aiming to leverage Azure's capabilities while optimizing costs and ensuring compatibility with their existing GCP infrastructure.

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