UnifyCloud India - Application Modernization Assessment for .Net, Php, Java and Python apps - Modernize to Containers, or App Serice or Virtual Machine


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Analyze applications at the code level to determine Cloud readiness and conduct migrations for Cloud

Analyze applications at the code level to determine Cloud readiness and conduct migrations for Cloud-ready applications

Based on static code analysis, configuration data, and development team interaction, CloudPilot provides comprehensive reports on scanned applications and their readiness to migrate to Cloud environments.
CloudPilot analyzes applications, databases, and dependencies based on readiness for application services, container services, and Virtual Machines. Based on the analysis, the tool provides recommendations to adapt the applications, databases, and dependencies to function in a Cloud environment.

Key Benefits

CloudPilot® provides the following benefits to its users:
• Provides a cost-comparison between On-premises vs Cloud.
• Saves time taken for manual assessments.
• Provides recommendations concerning code-level changes.
• Establishes a cloud-based environment for development and deployment of applications.
• Establishes a comprehensive migration plan.
• Saves several hours for application developers.

This offer is only Applicable in India Geography.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

Automation provides fast and accurate analysis to let you focus on the right strategy and planning for your digital transformation.

Fast and Easy Migration Estimates

Automation simplifies and accelerates analytics to mere minutes so you can focus on strategy and planning.

Clear Modernization Guidance

Static code analysis provides code block and line of code detail, replacement code, and level of effort.

Reduce Expenses and Downtime

Ensures use of best coding practices, only pay for services used and minimize server downtime.

Safe, Secure and Compliant Migration

Up-to-date security recommendations plus key certifications and polices maintain compliance.

Supported Application Languages

Covering over 70% of the most popular coding languages including .Net, Python, PHP and Java.

Database Platform Migration

Migrate a variety of database types such as SQL Server, Oracle, Linux, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL and SAP.

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