ThingLink Unlimited for Education

by Thinglink

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Create and share engaging interactive learning experiences & virtual tours with students!

ThingLink is a UNESCO-awarded, collaborative content creation solution for
  • Easily creating interactive learning experiences, virtual tours and learning scenarios in real-life environments.
  • Quickly improving teachers' and students' skills in digital content creation using multimedia.
Our technology is based on enriching any type of visual media (images, videos, 360 media, or 3D models) with information and links, and combining them easily into interactive infographics, presentations, virtual tours, or branching scenarios. Interactive materials help students focus their attention and explore a subject at their own pace.

Benefits summary

ThingLink makes it easy to create interactive learning experiences on any platform or device. Campus tours, interactive maps, graphs, presentations, and simulations created with ThingLink can be shared on LMS. Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or university/project website, improving the learning experience for students, staff, and other interest groups. Teachers and students can also collaborate in real time to create shared resources and curriculum materials.

ThingLink for TVET and Higher Education

Use cases include virtual tours, virtual labs, virtual field trips and scenario-based simulations of real-life environments. Virtual walk-throughs and tours give students access to places and situations that would otherwise be out of their reach. Interactive 360° images and videos created with ThingLink have helped to develop contextual understanding, improve their academic vocabulary and skills in remote locations, cultures, work environments, and social situations.

Learning and engagement analytics

Our learning analytics help track student progress, paths and completion rate, and allows educators to see where students may need more help. All content has engagement statistics built in. In addition, educators can add interactive checkpoints and questions to videos, virtual tours, and scenarios.

Fast adoption

ThingLink works with the organization’s existing infrastructure. We support LTI 1.3, O365, Google Workspace for easy user management and sharing content to any LMS. Our editor is easy to use, intuitive, and fast to learn. ThingLink also works with Canva and Unity editor, making it possible to annotate 360 degree photos of virtual models or 3D environments and use them in learning and development.

GDPR Compliance

ThingLink is GDPR compliant and full support is offered to any organisation completing their own Data Privacy Impact Assessment or wish to hold their own Data Processing Agreement with us. There are no ads or freemium type extra services.

Accessibility and automatic language translation

ThingLink has been developed with accessibility at its core. It is an easy way to create multimodal audio-visual learning materials that are accessible with an integrated reading tool. All text descriptions in image or video hotspots can be read with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader – in over 80 languages. Web views of any interactive media enable the content to be viewed with additional accessibility features and assistive technologies.

Customer Support

Dedicated ThingLink Team Support: We are a fast and flexible service. Our team is willing to help anyone get started and develop their skills and expertise. We offer webinars and bespoke support and advice, and pride ourselves on our personal approach. We have built-in chat support, support request forms, and support pages written and updated regularly by our product development team.

Awards and associations:
- UNESCO ICT in Education Prize 2018
- EdTechX Rise Winner 2017
- Hundred Global Education Innovation 2017
- Tutorful Hottest EdTech tools 2018-2020

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