ti&m places for Microsoft Teams

by ti&m AG

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ti&m places is a management tool to book and maintain hybrid workplaces thru Microsoft Teams

Implement your digital workplace strategy easily with ti&m places

With ti8m places, employees can book their desk in two clicks and find all available desks with equipment information ready to book – even if they have been away from the office for a while.

ti8m places is built as a Microsoft Teams app and is seamlessly integrated in the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem. Reservations are displayed in your Microsoft Teams dashboard.

From the Company Dashboard, administrators can monitor office occupancy, scale office capacity up or down as needed and gain useful insights on the company’s real estate needs.


For your employees:

• Employees can reserve a workplace in 2 clicks from their Microsoft Teams App

• On a map view employees can see office layout and desk locations

• See where colleagues are sitting and book close-by for ideal collaboration

Get started today

• Download ti8m places and install it on your Microsoft Teams Apps

• Upload your office floorplan, place workplaces, and go!

• Employees will see the app in their Microsoft Teams and book their desk now

Coming soon

• Reserve Parking lots and meeting rooms

• Restrict specific or workstations for a team or group of users

• Enable short-time bookings

• Offer Guest the option to book parking or desks

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