TokyWoky is a peer to peer livechat solution for online stores.

TokyWoky is a Saas solution that allows online shoppers to advize each other in real-time on your online store. In France it is usually called a community chat, in the rest of the world a peer to peer livechat. By engaging on average 5X more customers than a traditionnal livechat, TokyWoky increases online conversion by 5 to 10%, decreases customer service contacts by 15 to 20% and empowers brands and stores to gather unique insights about what customers think when shopping. Online stores with at least 100 000 visits per month and active in fashion, beauty, high tech, DIY, crafting, pets , sports,... are ideal users of TokyWoky solution. Passion is the essential drive to a successful super customer community. TokyWoky gets installed through a simple copy paste of a JS tag. No need for community recruitment campaign, TokyWoky has a built in gamification system that leverages your traffic to spot, recruit and build the loyalty of helpful customers. TokyWoky is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure and uses some of Microsoft Language Processing technologies to analyse conversations. No particular integration with Microsoft technologies is required.

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