Copy Page to Site: an extension for SharePoint

by Torpedo - Serviços de Informática, lda

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Empowering users to seamlessly transfer or duplicate pages across sites collections in SharePoint

Transitioning between SharePoint Online sites for collaboration and content management has historically posed challenges. However, with the advent of the Torpedo Copy Page Site Extension for SharePoint Online, these hurdles are mitigated. This powerful SharePoint Framework (SPFx) called ‘Copy Page to Site’, an extension for Microsoft SharePoint, revolutionizes extension simplifies the task of copying or moving site pages across different site collections or webs.

Innovative solution

  • Simplifies copying or moving pages between SharePoint site collections.
  • Seamlessly integrates into SharePoint interface for user-friendly experience.
  • Preserves version history for compliance and tracking changes.
  • Prioritizes security and data integrity with SharePoint's permissions model.
  • Offers customizable options like metadata preservation and content type mapping.
  • Empowers users with flexibility and control over digital assets, setting new standards for mobility and accessibility in SharePoint.

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Key Benefits

User friendly and intuitive
Copy Page to Site seamlessly integrates into SharePoint, enabling effortless selection of target sites and simplifying the copying or moving process. This reduces time and effort significantly, whether relocating documentation, propagating updates, or sharing content.

Retain version history
This feature preserves every iteration and revision, ensuring compliance and maintaining an audit trail, crucial for regulated industries or stringent governance requirements.

Security and data integrity
Prioritizing security, it enforces access controls and permissions inheritance across sites, safeguarding sensitive information.

Customizable options
Offering customizable settings such as metadata preservation and content type mapping, it aligns with diverse organizational needs.

Overall, Copy Page to Site represents a paradigm shift in SharePoint content management, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, and control over their digital assets. Whether facilitating collaboration, supporting knowledge sharing initiatives, or optimizing content governance, this extension sets a new standard for content mobility and accessibility within the SharePoint ecosystem.


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