Touchcast Ciscape

by Touchcast Inc.

Harness the power of GenAI to boost customer engagement and turbocharge employee productivity

Ciscape is a Generative AI publishing platform that dynamically transforms your company's knowledge ecosystem into a multimodal, conversational experience. By converting static information into interactive content, Ciscape unlocks knowledge silos, making expertise accessible and engaging to employees, customers and any other stakeholders.

From Conversational Commerce to Workplace Transformation, Ciscape empowers you to create a unique, rich and engaging digital environment tailored to the needs of each visitor, ensuring your brand stays relevant and engaging in the new era of the Generative Web. Use Ciscape internally to increase availability and accessibility of knowledge based on manuals, guides, presentations and turn them into engaging customer deliverables. Use Ciscape externally to transform customer experiences with AI assistants that can automate customer support interactions to cut handling time, reduce costs and build trust.

Use Cases

Online and In-Store AI-Assisted Selling: Ciscape powers AI-driven sales assistants that provide personalized, interactive support to customers across digital and physical channels. By leveraging the organization's collective knowledge and real-time product information, these AI assistants can handle complex queries, offer targeted recommendations, and boost conversion rates.

Unlock Workplace Knowledge: Ciscape transforms static corporate knowledge into a living, evolving asset. By making information more accessible, searchable, and interactive, it enhances employee productivity, enables better decision-making, and fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Enhance Customer and Employee Experiences: Ciscape can help engage customers more effectively by producing conversational websites that transform digital presence. Ciscape's AI capabilities enable real-time, tailored interactions between customers and associates, enhancing educational experiences and simplifying purchasing processes.

Revolutionize Technical Assistance: Ciscape introduces a new paradigm for technician assistance. By integrating multimodal AI capabilities, the platform can offer real-time, interactive guidance for service tasks, querying instructions, and providing specifications. Technicians are supported by step-by-step guidance, encompassing audio, written instructions and AI-led demonstrations, enhancing workflows comprehensively.

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