by TransPerfect

Virtual Dataroom, Contract/Document Management & Collaboration Platform

Every hour, a sensitive file is sent outside of your organization's perimeter unprotected. Rights management has been the answer to enabling secure external collaboration for quite a while, but the technology was lacking. Now, with the new technical advances in the latest generation of offerings, rights management is at exactly the right place. Whether you are a newcomer to the technology or an early adopter, it's time to take a look at what TransCEND can do for you. TransCEND enables organizations to control access to information wherever it goes, both within and outside of the organization’s boundaries. The ability to remotely control who can view, edit, and distribute unstructured information empowers organizations to embrace external collaboration with confidence. TransCEND is helping 100,000 professionals across 1,000 organizations around the world achieve their security, privacy, and compliance objectives.

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