True Elements Climate and Water Intelligence Software as a Service

by True Elements, LLC

True Elements’ Water Quality platform is the first universal water and climate forecasting service.

True Elements is a water and climate insights provider helping decision makers make informed decisions based on dependable, accurate analysis of real time data and forecasting. True Elements provides decision makers with the tools they need to understand how climate change is impacting their local, regional, and global operations and assets now and how to minimize future risk.

True Elements created a first of its kind, state of the art water quality intelligence service. We provide in depth reporting of 250 of the EPA's top contaminants from a variety of sources including agriculture, industry and other natural events. And we deliver information in both real-time and forecasted results. Our consumer-facing (water quality index) gives a score of 0 - 100 for any zip code in the United States. We focus on three areas: drinking water, surface water, and climate risk.

We provide our intelligence in 3 ways:

Climate and Water Intelligence Subscription Service

We provide easy to use, highly localized, dynamic intelligence with visual insights for drinking water quality, surface water quality, and water-related climate risks. Pricing is subscription based.

A Climate and Water Integrated Data Product With Intelligent Insights

We license highly curated and normalized data, forecasting and indexing for flexible delivery into a customer’s existing distribution platform. Pricing is negotiated with fixed, service and audience based components.

A Customized Water Intelligence Service With Blended Data

We support our customers’ water quality data with True Elements’ curated, normalized, and

directed environmental water quality data to generate reporting and visual insights specific to that customer.

This enables a customer to build a complete 360 degree view of water quality conditions.

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