True Elements' Water Intelligence SaaS Products

by True Elements, LLC

We See Water Differently

True Elements sees water differently, in all its dimensions and interactions. True Elements’ state of the art technology, scientific and AI capabilities translate water’s complex, multi-dimensional interrelationships into clearly understandable visualizations and scores for reliable analysis, forecasting and fully informed decision making.

True Elements is:
💧 Advancing a new era in Water Intelligence
💧 Fostering cross sector collaboration by sharing data and analytics
💧 The dedicated partner you need for the insights you want


1. True Qi Digital Watershed Explorer

Clear, reliable data driven insights into watershed dynamics and multi-factorial correlation analysis help you make more fully informed decisions for capital planning, design requirements, supply chain challenges, ESG initiatives, collective action facilitation, policy decisions, license to operate and reputational risk concerns.

Makes Watershed Analysis and Risk Assessment Fast and Easy

✓ The World’s Most Comprehensive Water Data Platform

✓ Customizable Data Layers For Specific Concerns

✓ Complex Data Made Clear

✓ Efficient Data and Project Management

✓ Up to Date, Dynamic Analysis

2. True Qi Site Assessment Reporter

Fast, detailed, easy to understand report generation helps risk professionals, asset managers and sustainability officers understand and manage water risk, identify secure investment opportunities, and confidently comply with increasing global regulatory and financial reporting requirements.

Makes Understanding and Reporting Water Risk Fast, Easy and Dependable

✓ Asset Risk Assessment

✓ Continuously Updated Global Information

✓ Customizable Reporting

✓ Efficient Data and Project Management

✓ Standardized Workflow Processes

3. True Qi Field Data Monitor

Ability to upload and manage your own site-specific water quality sample data to True Elements' Water Intelligence platform helps you monitor changes in water characteristics due to flooding, chemical spills, or leeching events, plan a course of action to address those issues and measure progress.

Makes Managing and Strengthening Data Aggregation for Analysis and Insights Fast, Easy and Dependable

✓ Convenience

✓ Enhanced Analytic Capabilities

✓ Data Sharing as Desired

✓ Access to EPA’s Water Quality Exchange

4. True Qi Scenario Forecaster

Predictive forecasting based on in-depth scientific analysis and AI learning creates the Water Intelligence and insights you need to manage supply chain, asset, operational, and reputational risk, make investment decisions, and identify opportunities for operational continuity and growth.

Delivers Fast, Easy, Predictive Forecasting and Clear Insights for Confident Decision Making

✓ Long-Term Forecasting Available No Where Else

✓ Detailed Climate Change Impact Analysis

✓ Flexible Scenario Analysis

✓ Customizable Data Layers For Specific Concerns

✓ Efficient Data and Project Management

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