True Sky Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

by True Sky

True Sky Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

True Sky is a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that lets companies in any industry take control of the budgeting process. By providing powerful data tools and an easy-to-use Excel interface, the time traditionally spent on template creation, data merging and review is drastically reduced for more time to focus on analysis and strategy.With True Sky, you can:

  • Dramatically reduce the time spent managing the budgeting process
  • Spend more time analyzing and strategizing
  • Consolidate data from multiple stakeholders Capture qualitative and quantitative information
  • Budget any business process imaginable

True Sky helps:
  • Align strategies and priorities
  • Meet financial targets
  • Adjust rapidly to market changes
  • Avoid surprises
True Sky can be hosted on Azure.

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