SkillsTX Talent eXperience Platform (TXP) digital skill management

by Tx Management Systems Pty Ltd

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Realize your organization's digital potential: Attract, engage, develop and retain your employees.

Reduce business risk by identifying skill gaps.

Know the skills and competencies your employees have, and proactively address skills gaps rather than finding out the hard way when things fail.

Increase agility & project success by leveraging the full inventory of skills in your organization!

Build teams for sprints, projects, roles or individual tasks, ensuring you utilize the full inventory of skills in your organization and beyond (service providers, vendors, contractors and gig workers).

Improve engagement & retention by helping your people realize their potential!

Empower your people and their managers to maintain their skill profiles, complete development planning, and realize their development and career potential.

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Why Us?
Our Talent eXperience platform based around the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). SFIA is the most widely used globally recognized framework describing the skills and competencies for information workers in the language of employers. Want to learn more, then check out our About SFIA page. We have embedded hundreds of years of SFIA consultancy experience into the platform so you can benefit from all that collective knowledge. This means that your on-boarding, implementation and embedding processes are easy and are based on best practice. This will you reap the benefits of our platform within two months. For example, we offer over 870 sample role templates and fully automated assessments including reminders.
Here's just one example of a customer experience:

Identifying the right people with the right skills for projects used to be a real pain. It took ages and there was an element of guesswork involved which didn’t always work out.

With SkillsTX it gets done with a few clicks of a mouse and the output is data-driven so it identifies the best we have every time!”

Thomas Solts, Egton (Head of Customer Support)

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