GoLab - Hospital Lab Management

by UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

Providing advanced management for patients medical lab activities and their history with analytics

Go-Lab is an advanced app for managing and streamlining the workflows involved in hospitals/medical laboratories by enabling them to track their patients' tests along with notifications and alerts which helps to provide better service and care to the patients.

The App deals with the key phases involved right from the patient’s visit through lab tests and report dispatches. It also maintains the history of the patient’s diagnosis and lab tests enabling the physicians to provide better treatment.

Go-Lab allows physicians/hospitals to search for enrolled patients using key criteria, enter diagnosis through ICD-10, prescribe lab tests, track the status of each test and approve test results. It also enables laboratories to manage bill payments for the prescribed lab tests, enter test results, and dispatch report upon physician approval. Equipped with live notifications and alerts feature, it enables physicians enrich their productivity and customer satisfaction. Go-lab's inbuilt analytics also provides in-depth insights on:
  • Revenue Trend
  • Turnaround Time
  • Patient-to-status ratio
Key features include:
  • Intuitive patient search
  • Supports ICD standards for diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and lab test history tracking
  • Bill payments management
  • Simple results entry
  • Physician Push notifications to approve test results maintains accuracy and timely delivery (On paid version)
  • SMS alerts for patients about test status which aids to improve customer satisfaction (On paid version)
  • Quick email notifications for patients along with test results helping to gain confidence on lab (On paid version)
Key Benefits include:
  • User friendly interface
  • Flexible data handling
  • Customizable set of available tests
  • Efficient lab test status tracking
  • Informative and interactive analytics on the efficiency, depicting the turnaround time or time delays enabling better service
  • Quickly accessible report

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