UiPath Automation Cloud

by UiPath

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The fastest and most scalable way to build, deploy and manage automation and robots

The UiPath Cloud platform delivers user, license and robot management for an entire organization, all available instantly from a massively scalable SaaS cloud built by UiPath on Microsoft Azure. The platform includes a portal that gives the user access to 60-day trial UiPath Studio and robots, making it easy to build, test and publish automations and discover the business benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) without investing in buying, building or managing server hardware. 

Who benefits from the offer? UiPath RPA benefits everyone!

Individual users can use an “attended” robot to take advantage of personal automations to remove tedious tasks and focus on higher-value work. Automations can be deployed centrally to users by role or department. 

Organizations can build business-critical automations that integrate with line of business systems and run on “unattended” robots, with rich SLA and queueing capabilities.

RPA managers and IT can immediately use the UiPath Cloud Platform to manage users, licenses and deployment at enterprise scale, ensure logging and governance, and remotely schedule and manage resourcing for unattended automations – all with included DR, 99.5% uptime guarantee, open API’s and no requirement for management infrastructure.  

Customers' need or pain point the offer addresses

Hyperautomation is a top trend in IT and efficiency driver in businesses around the world. The UiPath Cloud Platform lets UiPath Customers (or anyone who thinks the tedious parts of work should be handled by machines, not people) start instantly and scale infinitely on building an enterprise-scale, fully-managed and well-governed robot, and automation environment – with no upfront hardware or configuration costs. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get started putting the power of RPA to work for you and your business, and you can discover the benefits for yourself with this free 60-day trial.

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