Energy certificate management tool, Fulfill your clean energy potential

Fulfill your clean energy potential

Certigy is a flexible certificate management tool designed to support CO2 neutrality by labeling and tracking green energy production and consumption.

Why track green energy?
Solar, hydro, wind and other types of sustainably generated energy are added to the same power grid as non-renewable sources, like fossil fuels. When energy is distributed across the grid to households, businesses and public places its source of origin is disregarded.

In order to match and attribute the appropriate amount of green energy creation with consumption, a system of certificates has been created. There are three main certificate schemes — Guarantee of Origin (Europe), REC (North America) and i-REC (rest of the world). Renewable Energy Certificates track the entire lifecycle of green energy from creation to consumption, including transfers, imports and exports.

Certigy promotes a society where individuals, businesses and territories can be held accountable for clean energy consumption. We enable the clean energy sector to be economical, ethical, and advance at a beat faster than the pace of demand.

Certigy is engineered to deliver rapid and reliable results. Cloud computing enables multidirectional scalability to meet seasonal resource needs; ramp up computing power for peaks, scale back for lulls. Our tool is responsive to API customizations, adaptable to data transfers, and technically structured to achieve operational excellence.

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