Lancelot ETRM


Lancelot is a leading standard solution for all traders inelectricity, gas, other energy commodities

Lancelot ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) provides comprehensive support for front-, middle- and back-office processes, from trade capturing, open position monitoring, optimisation and risk-management to nominations, confirmations, reporting and invoicing.

Benefits of Lancelot ETRM
  • Multi-commodity support and many trade types – one solution for the whole business
  • Support of front-, middle- and back-office processes
  • Dynamic market structures – easily to implement and adapt
  • Ability to trade in any time resolution, ready for 15-minute trading
  • Real-time position monitoring
  • Powerful computation engine able to process millions of trades per year
  • Special features for day-ahead, intra-day, and balancing markets
  • Automatic AI-based open position optimization
  • Excellent performance and user experience
  • Out of the box source of market data to support the decision-making (Lancelot EDM DataHub)
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud (Software as a Service)
  • Out of the box connectors to European power exchanges, brokers and authorities

Selected Features

  • Master Data Management
  • Trade Capture
  • Confirmations
  • Position Monitoring
  • Open Position Optimization
  • Scheduling and Communication
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Invoicing
  • Reporting

At a glance