CloudAtlas: Modernize and Migrate

by UnifyCloud LLC

Redefine cloud migration with code-level insights for migrating apps, databases and workloads

In a fraction of the time a manual assessment would take, CloudAtlas provides expert and accurate analysis on Azure PaaS and IaaS migration for optimal strategy development and cloud migration planning. CloudAtlas uses static code analysis to assess cloud readiness, migration options with TCO, remediation recommendations down to the line of code, and level of effort for migrating apps to VMs, App Services, Containers and databases to Azure SQL vCore, SQL MI, SQL Server on Azure VM, Azure Database for MySQL or PostgreSQL, and Oracle to SQL MI. and Oracle to SQL MI.

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Key Benefits and Capabilities

Scanning millions of lines of code per hour, CloudAtlas automation delivers Automation provides fast and accurate modernization analysis that could take weeks, months, or years to do manually, letting to let you focus on developing the right business case, strategy, and planning for your digital transformation.

Fast and Easy Migration Analysis and Estimates

Automation simplifies and accelerates analytics to mere minutes so you can focus on strategy and planning.

Clear Modernization Guidance

Static code analysis provides code block and line of code detail, replacement code, and level of effort.

Reduce Expenses and Downtime

Ensures the use of best coding practices and optimal utilization meaning you, only pay for services used when they’re needed and minimize server downtime.

Safe, Secure and Compliant Migration

Up-to-date security protocols and recommendations plus key certifications and policies maintain compliance.

Supported Application Languages

Covering over 70% of the most popular coding languages including .Net, Python, PHP and Java.

Database Platform Migration

Migrate a variety of database types such as SQL Server, Oracle, Linux, My SQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL and SAP.

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