by Unique creations software GmbH

To drive digitization and reduce the time wasted in finding and accessing data from paper documents

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Product launch

DigiCampus is an AI/ML-based solution that helps reduce the effort of finding and accessing data from vast paper archives. DigiCampus uses OCR and machine learning algorithms to segment the different forms of data in a given image, including handwritten inputs, checkboxes, tables, and images. The goal of DigiCampus is to accelerate digitization and thereby reduce the time and paper required for conventional documentation.


An easy-to-use interface where the entire content of a single page can be extracted and digital documents can be viewed and saved with one click. We use supervised machine learning and Python libraries to train, correct, and improve our solution.

DigiCampus can be implemented on a SaaS basis as well as on a one-time implementation basis, depending on the customer's requirements. The DigiCampus comes with other solutions such as GoCampus Enrolment, GoCampus Pro, etc. and the client can choose to automate the institution's entire workflow.

  • Extract data from scanned and native PDFs
  • Handwritten recognition
  • Checkbox Detection
  • Table recognition and separation of headings and main data

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