Customer Data Hub: Master Data Management Solution

by Uniserv GmbH

Use the UNISERV Customer Data Hub (CDH) to consolidate data from different systems.

The Customer Data Hub (CDH) offers an integrated solution for all business and customer data across the entire data life cycle. The MDM solution for customer data merges data throughout all channels and organisational areas. The Customer Data Hub extracts and consolidates customer master data from a multitude of heterogeneous sources. In this process, the data is cleansed directly at import, structured, analysed and updated in order to guarantee a high data quality. Enriching the data with interaction and transaction data allows the building of a Golden Profile out of the quality optimised data. This allows the provision of consistent, current and readily available customer master data for all departments and supplies the operative and analytical processes with correct data, which is an important requirement for better targeting, personalised experiences and business success. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates a comprehensive overview of each customer by gathering data from diverse systems, linking information related to the same customer and saving it in a central location. This data can then be used by other systems for analysis or for managing customer interactions.

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