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Lunit INSIGHT for Chest Radiography


Lunit INSIGHT for CXR detects, localizes and characterizes abnormalities for chest X-ray.

• Lunit INSIGHT for Chest Radiography is intended to aid in the detection, localization, and characterization of lung nodule/mass, consolidation, and pneumothorax for PA images with an accuracy level 97-99%.

• The AI solution generates (1) location information of detected lesions in the form of heatmaps and (2) abnormality scores reflecting the probability that the detected lesion is abnormal.

• The solution is indicated to be directly involved in the primary interpretation process of radiologists or clinicians as Second Reader.

• The AI solution has been approved by Korea MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety). It is expected to get approval by CE in 2020.

• All images you upload will be automatically deleted IMMEDIATELY after results are generated. Your images will NOT be saved.

• All images will be automatically DE-IDENTIFIED before being transferred to the server for analysis.

• Related publications

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